“Clever Entry Title.”

In a little less than half an hour, I will be heading out to Stop & Shop to pick up some spinach, a baguette of French bread, some garlic, and some shredded cheese for dinner. I will also be making local and organic scrambled eggs, thanks to my coworker Tracy, who brought in half a dozen for me to try. I may also attempt to make some granola as well…

Anyway, all of this amazing food will be enjoyed while watching the first few episodes of the third season of my beloved Dawson’s Creek. It’s my guilty-pleasure project of the summer. Then later, I will be going out for ice cream with my best friend Ashley! Perfect evening, if you ask me.

Perfect, except that I’m stuck trying to get through the last few discs of Something Borrowed, and it’s pretty awful. It started off okay, but man, has it ever spiraled out. I’ll reserve the rest of my judgement for the “actual” review that should be coming along in the next few days, and yes, I will probably still be seeing the movie…but mostly because John Krasinski is so wonderful.


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