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Love the 90’s? Wish they would come back? Me, too. So, of course I was happy to find out that Nickelodeon is bringing back some of its programming from the glorious years of my still being in the single-digit age range. It may help to satisfy my longing for the days of yore, when I could enjoy all the splendor of a better economy from the luxury of my Lion King coloring-book-page lined room, and $130 could probably buy a whole pow-pow-Power Wheels car and not just some random part relating to my oil tank thing that my mechanic swears I need to purchase within the next month “before it gets worse.” Also, the 90’s Nick block gives me something else to watch now that The Bachelorette has wrapped up its latest season (JP is so hot; too hot for Ashley – I give it 3 months). But here’s an article that builds a strong case for why resurrecting 90’s Nickelodeon is a bad idea.

Along these lines, here’s an open letter to the disease of nostoligia, as the author so lovingly titled it.

Frankly, though, I find that the best part about the 90’s were the commercials.


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