Basic Improv Rules

I really don’t remember how I came across this girl’s blog, but I absolutely love this entry. If you don’t feel like clicking for some reason, here’s the scoop.

These are the basic rules of improvisational comedy:

1. Don’t deny
2. Don’t try to be funny
3. Listen to what your partner says
4. There are no mistakes, only opportunities
5. Tell a story

Apply them to your daily life.
Be happy.


2 thoughts on “Basic Improv Rules

  1. Tina Fey includes these same rules, or at least something very similar, in Bossypants. Its cheesy, but I am attempting to live my life by these tenants now. They translate so well to everyday situations its almost silly!

  2. I noticed that, too! I found these and posted them before I started on her book, so it was a nice surprise – it made me feel slightly less cheesy for having liked them so much, cause if Tina Fey approves of that line of thinking, it can’t be all bad.

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