Limbo Lower Now

Hey you! Want to read up on America’s new Lost Generation (or “Generation Limbo”), which I have the misfortune of being a part of (thanks in part to the University of Rhode Island!)? Sure you do. This particular one compares today’s American young adults to those in 1990’s Japan, and its information is based on the following articles, at opposite ends of the spectrum but fairly equally in depth:

Click here if you want to take a ride on the whambulance, but if you want a more “lemons into lemonade” vibe, check out this slightly more positive spin on a very messy and disheartening situation. The former enraged me (then again, what doesn’t enrage me these days besides puppies and kitties and pumpkin ice cream), but the latter did actually help make me feel a bit better about the back up plans I haphazardly assembled long ago but find myself looming closer towards every day. Namely, tuning in, turning on, and dropping out in favor of becoming a hula hoop dance instructor, working at Victoria’s Secret, or as a Hooters waitress, or all three! And I probably still won’t make enough to pay off my student loans each month!


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