Sisterhood Everlasting

Alright, yes. I read Sisterhood Everlasting, by Ann Brashares*, the fifth and final (or is it…?) installment of the Traveling Pants series. So drown me. I also neglected to write the review in a timely fashion, but this time I don’t have a hurricane and state-wide power outages to excuse myself.

The story takes place several years into the future, when the girls are all growed up and in their late twenties; it’s been two years since the four of them were all together in one place, so when Carmen, Lena, and Bridget receive letters with plane tickets to Greece from Tibby, they’re thrilled. Little do they know that the loss they experienced almost a decade earlier when the Magic Pants were taken into the Caldera is about to be magnified tenfold.

I mean, it’s a piece of fluff – but not as much of a piece of shit as I may have been expecting. It’s more than a little unbelievable that the couples are still the same as they were since the start: Bridget and Eric, Tibby and Brian, and of course Lena and Kostos, while Carmen more or less stands alone. The overt ovarian adoration is a bit much at times, but it’s to be expected given the rest of the series, and fitting as well.

All in all, it wasn’t awful – I guess, as much as I was thinking it would be terrible, I also just expected to shed a tear or two at the close of a series I’ve been following since I was thirteen or fourteen. I was pretty much already standing on the edge of the waterfall, it wouldn’t have taken much skill or effort to push me over.

*Am I the only one who thinks her last name is abundantly appropriate given the genre she predominantly writes for?


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