Free To Be Me!

As of Saturday, I am finished with this silly semester! So now I can get back to the things I actually like – okay, so I never really stopped doing the things I actually like, I was just doing them as a method of procrastination and with an overwhelming sense of guilt and doom. But no more!

So, here’s a blog entry about how audio books are not cheating, which is a topic very near and dear to my heart since the act of reading typically puts me to sleep in 10 pages or less, and this sometimes makes me feel like a total failure as a future librarian.

Also, here are some images of some absolutely beautiful historical libraries!

Oh, and let’s not forget – a totally amazing “holiday tree” (what a totally inane debate, Rhode Island) concept for all those very special people who are book lovers who are not so wrapped up in preservationism that they mind the thought of re-purposing them:

Okay, and finally, I have to state this for the record: I am not half as in love with Ryan Gosling as I know I come across or really am supposed to be, like all the other good fangirls of American who spent their time digitally rioting against Bradley Cooper yanking the Sexiest Man Alive title away from the so-called Godling (which I feel is a dubious honor some years anyway), but I have to say…this particular image and comment made me swoon:

Hey Girl, I Like the Library, Too.


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