Unless Someone Like You Cares a Whole Awful Lot…

To celebrate Earth Week and tie it in with the somewhat recent movie adaptation of The Lorax, I’m going to be doing reading of the book along with a flower-planting activity and also providing them with a Dr. Seuss themed snack, which is going to be some combination of this:

And this!

The latter snack is significantly easier to make than the former in terms of time and also likeliness of the pretzels breaking, so my only real question is this: do you all think I should go with white chocolate Hershey kisses with green M&M’s to stick with the Green Eggs and Ham concept and expand the program into a more general Dr. Seussian sort of thing, or should I try to get some of the more pastel-colored M&M’s (like pinks and yellows) to match the Truffula trees?

What do you, random readers, think?

If I had an actual budget and/or more time, I would obviously opt for these along with the totally adorable Truffula tree cotton-candy cupcakes and/or cake truffles, but alas. No funds, no fun.


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