The Lorax Party!

Today was my party to celebrate Earth Week by means of The Lorax at Knight Memorial Library!

First I read to the little darlings (I really, really wish I could include the great group photo I have, but I don’t want to publish it on the internet unless I have parental permission and that would basically be impossible, so you’ll just have to take my word for it – they were really cute kids, really well behaved, and great listeners!).

Then I had them decorate little ceramic pots with crayons and Dr. Seuss and flower stickers – they all did a really great job! Then the volunteers helped them to fill their pots with soil and they each got to choose between marigolds and zinnias.

And then it was time to pass out the snack! They got those pretzel buttons I posted about last time, along with little juice boxes of Hi-C. I had originally wanted to do pastel colors and I had thought it would be a piece of cake (or, more specifically, a bag of M&M’s) to find those post-Easter, but the only light-colored ones I could find were either coconut or peanut and what with all the allergies that are floating around these days, I didn’t want to take any chances.

Here they are again, close up and with no flash, and I have to say – these really were very simple and fast, as promised. Well, they would have been fast, but I had to make approximately 500 of them (two and a half bags of pretzels and like four bags of hugs and a big bag of M&M’s) so I could prepare enough little mini baggies in order to feed 40 kids! So that got a little time taxing.

In short, it was a success! The program ran for almost exactly an hour, and I didn’t have too much or too few of anything! Thank goodness for the Dollar Tree and for Stop & Shop cards so I was able to stay basically in budget.


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