What a difference a year makes!

It was never my intention to stop updating this little blog/portfolio project of mine, yet somehow almost a whole year has swept by and the last thing I wrote was about graduation. What a very different place in my life I was in then! I just re-read all of my past entries and was pleasantly surprised by most of them. I may do a one-year-reflection piece on a few posts in particular, but not today.

After all my bitching about the 99% and how I’d never get a job in the field, I was actually very fortunate to have been hired as first the Project Assistant and then one of the two Reference Librarians for AskRI.org, which is Rhode Island’s Statewide Reference and Resource Center, or essentially a virtual library. Patrons can initiate chat or email reference sessions with myself or my coworker either by accessing the website or through RI.gov, and we also offer a bunch of free databases on a variety of subjects (homework help, career guidance, language learning, genealogical records, encyclopedias, and peer-reviewed periodical articles). I am wondrously happy there and have learned so much more than I knew before about the great little state of RI!

In addition to working full-time for AskRI, I also work as an alternate weekend reference librarian for North Scituate Public Library, and I am blissfully happy there as well. I really enjoy how the two libraries play off one another for me and balance each other out – virtual reference work keeps me fresh and is its own sort of cool, 21st century challenge, while working at NoSci is more of an old-world library experience and gives me a chance to work face-to-face with quirky community characters.

Not only that, but I also somehow managed to snag the position of co-chair for the Public Relations Committee for the Rhode Island Library Association. It’s still a total mystery to me why anyone thought that would be a good idea (including myself), but hey, it looks good on my resume and it’s given me a chance to meet my friend Chelsea and also learn a lot about how organizations like that work.

Beyond libraries, that “temporary solution” of being a promo-girl I presented in October 2011 has done nothing but grow and blossom into this totally bizarre but kind of awesome branch of my life. From doing Budlight promos with WHJY (which I still do occasionally), I networked my way into being one of the top Gansett Girls for Narrangasett Beer (I’m even in the calendar this year – Miss September, 2013!). Those endeavors combined to give me enough confidence to pursue two separate freelance modeling projects as well, so I actually am juggling six jobs these days and I only have a couple of actual days off a month, usually pretty few and far between. Honestly though, I wouldn’t have it any other way for now. I love everything I do, and each job gives me a chance to exercise another part of my personality and explore new interests and meet different sorts of people and learn so many things, so it never really feels like I’m working as much as I really am. Plus, it’s nice to not be in a constant panic over my financial situation.

My personal life is going along at a nice clip as well for the most part; I genuinely enjoy the company of 98% of my coworkers and consider them friends, and while I rarely get a chance to see most of my close friends from high school and college in person, we all keep in touch thanks to the magic of the internet. In many respects that works better for me anyway, because at the end of the day the only friend I ever usually want to see face-to-face is my adorable cat, Tabitha (aka Tabs, aka Snicklefritz), whom I just rescued in February after moving into my very first apartment on my own, following a super dramatic but long-overdue breakup with my ex, last November. Also, I’ve becoming another happy statistic by being part of the 20% of people whose relationship started by meeting through an online dating site, since I found my new beau on OKCupid in March and we’re already much more serious than I think either of us were expecting to be but I am extraordinarily happy with him. Mama-drama abounds, but what else is new? My dad left for Louisiana to find work right before the holidays, and I haven’t seen him since – he just called the other day to tell me that he was on a bus, heading to the Appalachian Trail which he intends to hike…indefinitely? I really can’t say I know what his plans are at this point, actually.

And that’s what’s been happening. I should probably update my Projects and Professional Philosophy pages to reflect my current life and career…and I will. But again, not today.

Oh, and in case anyone’s interested, I did try to join a book club started by my aforementioned friend Chelsea, entitled Eat. Drink. Read., but so far so bad because as previously discussed, I am an atrocious reader when it comes to actual books and really can only manage audiobooks, embarrassingly enough.

However, I have read (/listened to) the following books since I last time I posted here:

Pomegranate Soup, by Marsha Mehran
Lord of the Flies, by William Golding
A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1), by George R. R. Martin
The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials, #1), by Philip Pullman
A Dirty Job, by Christopher Moore
The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay, by Suzanne Collins
Bitches on a Budget: Sage Advice for Surviving Tough Times in Style, by Rosalyn Hoffman, Rosalyn
Outliers: The Story of Success, by Malcolm Gladwell
What French Women Know About Love, Sex and Other Matters of the Heart and Mind, by Debra Ollivier

I’ve also begun working my way through the first couple of books in A Series of Unfortunate Events, by Lemony Snicket, and I’m currently listening to the audio version of J.K. Rowling’s A Casual Vacancy, and I’ll be checking out Pale Blue Dot, by Carl Sagan (who is the new love of my life) today as well.

Theeeeeee…end! For now.


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