Roller sets with the homies

Principle photography just wrapped up last week for the Tattooed Librarians of Rhode Island calendar, praise Buddha. Waiting on the edits and for Chelsea to find a suitable template so we can plug in all of the major/religious/federal/state holidays and ALA celebration days/weeks/months and design the thing. Working on finding sponsors currently, which is proving more difficult than I originally anticipated. Also, I have to start seriously planning the premier event, which will also be a local beer tasting. Le sigh. I have no idea why I ever thought that designing a calendar wouldn’t be an tremendous undertaking, but sometimes I wish I could go back to that simpler time in my life and give myself a good shake.

Also on the agenda for this upcoming month: throwing my best friend’s bridal shower (pictures to come, because honestly…for all the work I put into this thing, I really am tempted to add it to my resume!), attending one of my college girlfriend’s weddings (and learning a great deal about roller sets to prepare for that retro-chic day), a mini conference about Affordable Healthcare, repping AskRI at the PawSox game, helping Chelsea plan the GeektheLibrary launch event, several Gansett events, another shift or two at the Farmers Market, a yoga class or two, the first of many doctor’s appointments, and perhaps getting engaged.


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