“In ‘Luau’ of Gifts.”

just engaged collage












As it turns out, my prediction was spot-on and I got engaged on Thursday night, about an hour after my last update here, and I could not be happier! I love the ring, and I love the man that gave it to me even more! And yes, I am giving a modified bird to y’all because marriage is hardcore and so am I!

cupcakes and mimosas












Thursday night and all of Friday passed really quickly in my newly-engaged bliss, and suddenly it was time for Ashley’s shower! Her future sister-in-law made these beautiful and delicious cupcakes, and we came in so far under budget that we actually could afford to spring for a mimosa punch bowl!

ashley's favors












Since it was a tropical theme, I went with sunscreen and tiny little paper umbrellas secured to them as favors and came up with the oh-so-twee phrase “Please take one and stay safe in the sun!” slogan.

ring obsession












Basically since Thursday, though, my right hand has been glued to the shutter button of my camera so I can take oodles of pictures of my left hand because I’m kind of obsessed. Also, please note the bridal Scattergories game in the background that we played during the shower; I found a free template online and voila! Instant ice breaker/time-passer. Not pictured (regrettably): the Best Wishes/Advice/Memories/Messages in a Bottle keepsake that everyone wrote down for Ashley. It was pretty adorbs, not gonna lie.

bridal party












[Most of] The ladies!

ashley and moi












Ashley and myself – going on our 10 year anniversary of meeting/becoming best friends, now we’re engaged at the same time and I’ll be heading down the aisle only 11 days after her! Hashtag perfect!


2 thoughts on ““In ‘Luau’ of Gifts.”

  1. OMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woot woot!!!! 🙂 I’m SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!! I’m cheesin so hard right now, tears…I can’t believe how much has changed but you are still my Yvonne, xoxo!!!! – Jazz

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