I guess this is growing up.

Sometimes I feel out of control and confused so I look at my perfectly color-coded calendar to calm me down, and then I see how many things are on it so I freak and log out, then I feel out of control so…

The end of August and the beginning of September are shaping up to be one incredibly hectic chunk of time for me!

A memorial service, an engagement party, a wedding, a bachelorette party, several doctors appointments, Gansett events and meetings galore, committee meetings for RILA and HLRI, staff meetings for PCL/an informational meeting about the new healthcare system, a photo shoot, baking and delivering cupcakes and attending the¬†GeektheLibrary launch event, Joseph’s unit’s Family Day picnic, Ashley’s dress fitting, finalizing sponorship and design details for the calendar, putting the beer sampling event together, plus all my usual M-F/9-5 jazz and normal things like grocery shopping and going to the bank. Oh, and I am apartment hunting. YIKES.

While sprucing up my resume this evening, I seriously considered adding “Lives alone, pays bills on time, kills her own bugs, and hasn’t ever run out of toilet paper” under Skills. Hashtag relevant. Hashtag profesh.


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