Potatoes Gonna Potate

“Tattoos are ugly disfigurations of your skin and you’ll regret them when you’re older.” This is 100% your opinion, which you’re entitled to, just as I am entitled to do what I want with my body. I got my tattoos for me and not you, and I’m the one who will be looking at them when I’m older, not you. Frankly, by the time I’m old enough for my tattooed skin to look bad, the rest of my skin is also going to look not-so-hot, and I won’t give a flying fudge brownie.

“You’ll never get a real job with tattoos like that.” False! Every model featured in this calendar is a librarian or library worker, and many are well established in their fields and leaders of literacy in the information age. There are certainly some professions which frown upon tattoos in the workplace, but that’s someone else’s case to make. Most libraries at this point celebrate the freedom of expression and artwork that tattoos are, and we’re just celebrating that fact in turn through this calendar.

“These tattoos aren’t big/intricate/pretty enough.” Sorry I’m not sorry! We put the librarians who were brave enough to expose themselves to your completely useless scrutiny in our pages and we don’t care how big or small their tattoos are, what they look like, or what they mean, because it’s nobody’s business but their own. For what it’s worth, I don’t think your mind is big enough, your thoughts are intricate enough, or your words pretty enough.

“This isn’t a unique or original concept.” You’re right, it’s not. We were directly influenced and inspired by similar calendars put out by Texas, the Pacific Northwest, and the Tattooed Youth Librarians of Massachusetts, and we’ve been really upfront about that from the start.

“Tattoos aren’t shocking.” Well, I’m personally inclined to agree with you except that evidently they ARE still shocking to loads of people who keep saying as much.

“Tattooed librarians are a stereotype in and of themselves at this point.” Maybe, maybe not. This is a similar point as above; yes, maybe that’s the stereotype that you’ve personally concocted or adjusted to, but clearly plenty of other people have not or else this calendar wouldn’t be making such a stir and selling so well on a national and international scale.

“Having a tattoo makes you a follower.” It doesn’t, actually. No more so than having ink-free skin makes you a follower of your own genetic predisposition. It just makes you a person who wanted to have something permanent added to your body that you enjoy for your own reasons that are really none of anyone else’s concern. Saying things like “this makes you a follower” is what actually makes you a follower. Lead by example, if it’s so important to you: be an original thinker and let others be as well.

“Tattoos don’t make you cool.” No, they don’t. We never said they did. We just said that some of us in this state and in this profession have them, and we’re excited to show them off and connect with others who enjoy tattoos, libraries, and keeping track of their year.

“Plenty of cool librarians don’t have tattoos.” You’re exactly right! This is just the theme we chose to go with this year.

“I already knew that librarians were cool.” Well then awesome, thanks!

Potatoes gonna potate


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