Library Legislative Day 2014

Library Legislative Day 2014 was another success! I got a chance to meet a few board members and connect with library directors and representatives alike, and a resolution was even passed in the senate to make Library Legislative Day an official thing!

Library Legislative Day with Rachael!
Me and my new PR co-chair Rachael from the North Scituate Public Library! So, so happy and fortunate to have her on board – she is a natural and a delight (and also a former homeschooler!)!

Homemade banana bread for our local reps and senators, and a few homemade sugar cookies as well!

“Your town library; we support your voters and help you better your community. RI Libraries Change Lives!”

Rachael also created a “Libraries Change Lives” pamphlet, and I made some “I Love My Library Because…” valentines for the patrons of North Scituate Public Library to fill out over the past few weeks. Thank goodness Rachael thought to bring them with her to the event; our original plan was to use our projector to showcase the likes/shares/comments/other feedback we’d received through our social media campaign last week, but then we got there and it turns out that the State House has Facebook and Twitter blocked, which reminds me all too much of high school…but anyway, all was well! Created a PowerPoint on the fly, filled it with the adorable comments from the NSPL kiddies, a few emailed testimonials that were really touching, and a bunch of quotes from authors about the importance of libraries.


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