Facebook Feminism (F)rant

So in response to this Huffington Post piece about how Kaley Cuoco Doesn’t Consider Herself A Feminist, I would just like to say the following:

So many mixed feelings about this. In the first place, it makes me so mad when prominent/famous people don’t use their role in the world as effectively as they could and make uninformed statements instead. But, then I’m also kind of glad that she feels that she hasn’t faced much inequality, because that’s a good life to have led, and I personally feel similarly as well. But I’ve been lucky, and I know that, and you should be a feminist not just for your sake but for the sake of all of the other women out there who are not so lucky. And men, too. Also, like her, I genuinely enjoy cooking for my husband and doing all sorts of “housewifey” things as well; they give me a great sense of personal satisfaction and pleasure. HOWEVER, enjoying being a housewife and being a feminist are not mutually exclusive – ACTUALLY, they are intricately linked, as the reason why you’re even being allowed to speak about whether or not you “enjoy” it is BECAUSE of feminism since otherwise it would be your default role and it wouldn’t matter whether you liked it or not. ALSO the whole point of feminism is being able to do whatever the fuck you want to do, whether that’s working outside the home, inside the home, or both. Or neither, I guess, for some lucky ladies. But on behalf of Britney Spears and myself, I think you should just work, bitch.

Oh, AND I really hate articles that lead with stupid statements like “Don’t call Kaley Cuoco a feminist.” Nowhere does she state that she doesn’t want to be called one, just that she doesn’t think of herself as one, so the author is already negatively leading the reader against the concept of feminism from the start. AWESOME.


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