Pinterest Successes

I joined Pinterest about 5 years ago, and it’s not an overstatement to say it’s impacted nearly every area of my life. Recipes, exercise, style, attitude, nearly every program or display I’ve done at the library, every party I’ve planned – you name it, Pinterest has been there for me.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely been some fails along the way, but I wanted to sift through all of the weirdness and the moments of good intentions with zero follow through, and focus on the successes. To start with, I’m just doing a general overview of my favorite things to come out of the site, and then maybe I’ll do a few posts just about cleaning tips or cooking or something, yeah? Cool. Let’s go.


Home Life


I can’t remember if I got this from Pinterest or just the Interwebs in general, but if you invite the president to your wedding, you’ll get a letter back congratulating you on your marriage. Same goes for Micky and Minnie!


After my bridal shower, I wasn’t sure what to do with all the cards. But then I made them into a book! Since then, I’ve also seen these amazing cut-out wall art pieces, too.


Popsicle stick date night ideas. They’re color coded by expensiveness and level of preparation/involvement (a few hours vs. a weekend away). There are great date ideas here, but you can also find approximately 1,000 more to add in as you see fit. Also, you can usually get colored popsicle sticks at Dollar Tree so you don’t have to worry about painting anything.


DIY Scratch Tickets for significant others (or just friends, whatever). These are so super cute and fun, and the mix of Dawn + paint + white crayon does actually work perfectly. This is  great printable for Valentine’s day but if you’re even half-way handy with Publisher, you can also make these work for anyone and anything.


These probably seem like obvious tips, and I guess they are. But this really was one of my first big Pin-spirational moments and really helped me get my linen closet/medicine area together and it’s made a big difference.

Also, once your linen closet is no longer a disaster area, go and buy a large clear glass container and throw a bunch of trial size toiletries in it and you’ll end up with this beautiful bundle to offer your guests:


Bonus: gives you a reason to buy mini things (which, if you’re like me, is one of the greatest ways you can waste your money).


And then one day, I read this article about how couponing doesn’t have to suck, and my life changed. Suddenly I’m one of those ladies who gets $30 worth of stuff for $2. What, what!


Here are my other tips for couponing:

  • Download Favado and then one or two store-specific apps (like CVS)
  • Know that these items can basically always be gotten for free or at a drastically reduced cost: toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, diapers, laundry or dish detergent, and pain relievers
  • Find a coupon database that you like (I love Money Saving Mom even though I feel extremely mid-western matronly by association)
  • Organize your coupons by date, and store them in a way that makes you happy. For me, that is a Lisa Frank folder.
  • Don’t be afraid to wait it out a bit so you can stack up the deals.
  • Try to go at non-peak hours so you’re not *that* person making everyone wait in line forever, please.
  • Be super pleasant to the cashiers, always. In the worst case scenario, you’ve been a good person. In the best case scenario, you’ve been a good person *and* sometimes they’ll let you use an expired coupon or use one early or give you some secret discount you didn’t even know about.


Dollar Tree gives me life, truly. But there are definitely some things to pass on while there. Here’s a pretty decent guide of What To Buy and What to Avoid at dollar stores.



Trinket dishes. You could shell out like $20 for one at Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie, or you could get a cheapo plastic animal at the Dollar Tree or Target and some thrifted plates at Savers for maybe $2-3. The choice is yours. I gave a few as gifts, and made mine with a stegosaurus and it holds my pins and bracelets and is basically my new BFF.


Scrabble coasters. This was one of my first Pinterest crafts, and they were a resounding success. Get the Scrabble tiles at Savers (they’ll likely have many games to choose from), then hot glue the pieces together and adhere it to cut out sheets of cork. Shellac with modpodge and enjoy!


White on white DIY wall art. Wooden letters super glued (or hot glued, your choice) onto white canvas and then coat them with white spray paint. These phrases were a little twee for me, so we went with “As You Wish” from the Princess Bride instead.


Apples (and/or lemons or berries – I even used potatoes to make watermelon shapes) acrylic paint, a few cheap paintbrushes and a few cheap canvas bags off Amazon. I use mine every week for grocery shopping, and they make me happy every time I look at them.

And finally, I highly suggest you keep a wardrobe inspiration board, and a board for quotes, and a board for things you want but don’t need.

  • Wear Me Out has literally been a turning point in my life in terms of cultivating outfits I love and feel good in, as well as avoiding expensive impulse buys.
  • Words, Words, Words one has given me loads of inspiration, reassurance, and chances to reflect.
  • I Want Something That I Want is great for anytime someone asks what you want for your birthday or Christmas, or if you simply want to Treat Yo Self.


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