Job Acquirement 101 for Teens

So, I did another workshop for my teens last night, and this time the topic was how to get a job. 15 kids showed up and while I’ll admit it was a struggle because they were even more rambunctious than usual, I feel pretty good about the outcome. 4 kids even asked me at the end for my full notes to take home, and one of them had brought copies of the resume we made together a couple of weeks ago to show the group.

In case anyone else wants to do a similar presentation (or if you’re a teen yourself, looking for some tips!), here’s everything I’ve got to say on the subject.

Before I get to my notes, I have to give major props to The Balance for having by far the most comprehensive website on the matter of helping teens apply for/get jobs, write their resumes and cover letters, even how best to ask someone to be a professional reference. So kudos to y’all, guys. I couldn’t have done any of this without you.

There’s also a cool and free job application lesson plan available to print out, and if you’re in Rhode Island, then you’ll want to check out the Child Labor Brochure and Poster.

Before You Start Looking for a Job

Think about what you’d like to do and explore your options

  • Like animals? Check with vets and shelters
  • Like children? Check with the YMCA or the library or after-school child care providers or summer camps
  • Restaurants (bussers, dishwashers, hosts, servers) and fast food joints
  • Amusement parks
  • Recreation Departments and summer camps

Online Presence

  • Make sure that what you’ve put online is not traceable
  • Clean up your Instagram, your Youtube, your Facebook, everything
  • Employers do look, and it can make a huge difference

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I guess this is growing up.

Sometimes I feel out of control and confused so I look at my perfectly color-coded calendar to calm me down, and then I see how many things are on it so I freak and log out, then I feel out of control so…

The end of August and the beginning of September are shaping up to be one incredibly hectic chunk of time for me!

A memorial service, an engagement party, a wedding, a bachelorette party, several doctors appointments, Gansett events and meetings galore, committee meetings for RILA and HLRI, staff meetings for PCL/an informational meeting about the new healthcare system, a photo shoot, baking and delivering cupcakes and attending the GeektheLibrary launch event, Joseph’s unit’s Family Day picnic, Ashley’s dress fitting, finalizing sponorship and design details for the calendar, putting the beer sampling event together, plus all my usual M-F/9-5 jazz and normal things like grocery shopping and going to the bank. Oh, and I am apartment hunting. YIKES.

While sprucing up my resume this evening, I seriously considered adding “Lives alone, pays bills on time, kills her own bugs, and hasn’t ever run out of toilet paper” under Skills. Hashtag relevant. Hashtag profesh.